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    User Rating 10
    After putting kids to bed I've stopped playing at 3am. I'm no addict. This game is just that good.

    It's been a long time since FPS have literally sucked me in. I started playing after putting kids to bed and I couldn't stop playing... Guilty pleasure. I've stopped at 3am. Keep in mind I'm no addic...

  • Faster_Bill rated BioShock Infinite a score of 10.
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    User Rating 10
    One of not many 10/10 out there. Story, gameplay, mood, graphics... One of the best game ever made.

    Not many games left you wanting to play more. I remember grief after I finished first MGS on PS1. I remember very well this big hole that left inside me after finishing Half-Life... The Lost of Us is ...

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  • Faster_Bill wrote a review of Remember Me.
    User Rating 8
    Stunning visuals, engaging story. It's only flaw is that it is easy. Apart from that this is a great experience.

    First that struck me was not visuals but music. Very, very nicely matched with visual mood of the game. When you climbing a wall, running though corridors or fighting a boss there is always good musi...

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    New era approaches?

    It's been a while since PS4 and Xbone announcement, since that we have faced one the most customer unfriendly marketing in history of consoles. First off... Sony. They approached us with promises of n...

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