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    I agree with you about How awesome Killzone 3 was. It's the only game in the franchise that I loved.Anyway10. Age of empires2.9. Sonic 3 and Knukles.8 Majoras mask7. Persona 4 golden6. Resident Evil...

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    Thanks for commenting on my review for A Link Between Worlds.
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    Robocop 2014 review

    Detroit has been an ever rotting hellhole since before I was born. Drug dealers out the wazoo, rape, murder, arson you name it.The city needs a hero and they will get one in the form of Robocop. Now...

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    ARMS Studios to make anime adaptation of another one of Lynn Okamotos works.

    Elfen Lied is one of my favorite shows of all time. For Christmas this year I got it on blu ray twice. Once in English, and once in Japanese. (The Japanese collectors edition comes with a one shot ma...

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